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BlueTek Partners offers services and support to enhance all aspects across HR, including:

  • Talent acquisition and sourcing
  • Employee and career development
  • Applicant tracking, workflow, and reporting
  • Candidate engagement and experience
  • Cross-functional communication
  • Resume building/review and job matching
  • Client relations and presentation
  • Onboarding and contract management

Building Strategies
for the Future

Laptop Up Close

Training & Development

Upskill your workforce with custom designed training and course development.

Human Capital Forecasting​

Optimize current resources, predict future growth needs, and implement succession planning.

Reading Tablet Data

Job Analysis & Description

Comprehensive evaluation of open requisitions and development of winning job descriptions.

HR Technology
& Process

We offer a variety of HR related technology and process consulting services to help drive efficiency across key functional areas of the business. 

Transform your organization from a reactive hiring environment to a proactive hiring engine. We combine the latest HR technology platforms with custom developed integrations and solutions to optimize resources and productivity. 

Enhance all aspects across HR, including talent acquisition, employee and career development, applicant tracking and workflow, candidate engagement and experience, cross-functional communication, resume building and review, job matching, client relations and presentation, onboarding, contract management, and report generation.


Candidate Flow

Applicant Tracking


We help our clients to do a comprehensive evaluation of the role they are looking to fill and determine what skills are necessary for an employee to be successful in that role. Once determined, we can write detailed job descriptions that are sure to catch the attention of the right candidate and help weed out those that aren’t the best fit with your organizations needs and culture.

Job Analysis & Description

Human Capital Forecasting & Development

With our workforce growth solutions, we work directly with your team to put together a plan of action for both your current and future staffing needs. Our trained professionals will guide you in evaluating your current department structure and allocating resources accordingly filling in gaps and thinning out head count where necessary.

We are adept at seeing around corners to help you define your strategic goals align corporate vision with market needs to achieve a competitive advantage. Using our unique approach, we can play a proactive role in talent development as well as assessment of future potential executives.

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