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Transform your organization from a reactive environment to a proactive hiring engine

Talent Acquisition Solutions

Partnership Search

A strategic and contingent search agreement with no obligation unless and until we find you the perfect candidate.

Staffing Solutions

Quality employees for contingent, contract-to-hire, or project-based needs that allows flexibility with a dynamic environment.

RPO Services

Outsourcing solutions tailored to each individual client’s unique needs with the ability to scale as you grow.

Talent Pools

Talent Pools are an innovative solution for employers to increase their network of talent without paying hefty placement fees.

Leaders in:

Technology | Aerospace | Cyber Security | Healthcare

Industry Focuses:

  • Aerospace/Aviation & Engineering 
  • Technology & Cybersecurity
  • Telecommunications & Cloud Services
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Non-profit & Healthcare
  • Consumer Product & Services  
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Business & Professional Services  

Functional Practices:

  • Engineering & Technical Services
  • Cyber Security & High Clearance
  • Software Developers & IT Management
  • Procurement, Operations & Supply Chain
  • Sales, Marketing & Public Relations
  • Accounting & Financial Management
  • HR & Corporate Communications  
  • Executive, Board, CEO & Legal

BlueTek Partners focuses on helping companies attract, develop and retain best-in-class talent. We understand the need for professional, reliable and strong employees as well as the importance of making sure your business has a steady pipeline of the right people to grow your company. We offer a full range of talent solutions designed to address your needs from project based and contract to direct-hire placement. In an ever-changing world, your employees are still your strongest assets.

We think outside the box and work closely with each client to identify their unique staffing needs. We help organizations manage workflow peaks and seize new opportunities by identifying the optimal human capital solution that fits with their goals. Our comprehensive process in selecting the perfect candidate increases productivity, decreases training costs, reduces employee turnover and generally eases the hiring process.

How We Work:

As a true talent acquisition partner, we collaborate to attract the right talent for each client’s unique business needs using a deep level of commitment and accountability. We combine industry knowledge, strategic identification, thorough assessment, and human relations for a perfect match.

Once a search is launched, we provide timely and transparent communication throughout the process. A key focus is placed on putting the client’s needs first and managing human capital without disrupting the business. Our tailored solutions allow employers to staff strategically with qualified, reliable, and driven employees while saving time and reducing churn.

Partnership Search

With partnership search services, we work on a contingency basis for specific requisitions, providing access to a robust and extensive pool of candidates specific to their industry and focus. For each search, we utilize a customized and strategic approach, starting with understanding the company, culture, and individual role.

We understand that each search is unique, with its own requirements and success factors. Our comprehensive approach allows us to source talent both quickly and efficiently, maintaining a high presentation to interview ratio.

Partnership Search

Drive | Transform | Deliver

Our staffing solutions offer best-in-class talent at your fingertips. BlueTek Partners provides clients with quality employees for contingent, contract-to-hire, or project-based needs, allowing for flexibility in a dynamic environment. This is a great solution for employers who require a consistent flow of candidates for a large number of openings or require temporary staffing solutions.

Our Sourcing Strategy

  • Job and industry analysis to develop a comprehensive job description and list of requirements for each individual role
  • Expert copy writing and job advertisement optimization as well as local networking and candidate referral programs
  • Targeted job advertising and resume search using social media, association engagement, and board advertising on the top job boards, including ZipRecruiter, Indeed, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Monster, GitHub, and specialized Aviation Job Boards, etc.
  • Internal and external resume database searching
  • Candidate filtering with questionnaires developed for efficiency and specifically created for each job to ensure a candidate has the specific skills required

Staffing Solutions


We have access to top talent across the country and are cutting edge in terms of executive level and C-suite recruiting, succession planning and talent assessment.


We offer a variety of recruitment services to fit our client’s individual staffing needs. From full cycle recruiting to RPO services and everything in between.


Our approach is based on focus, knowledge, transparency, and collaboration, which allows us to provide clients with the most comprehensive and custom solutions possible.

We Have a Nationwide Presence

Recruitment PROCESS Outsourcing

Our RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) service offers an innovative solution to organizations seeking to outsource some or all of their recruiting needs. We offer a variety of flexible models offering efficiency, cost-savings, and scalability to fill both short-term and long-term business needs.

The fully customizable design allows employers the agility to decide what functions and services best suit their needs. With talent-driven outsourcing solutions, we serve as an expert support system to manage talent, recruit, execute, and deliver the results you need so you can focus on growing your business. 

Talent Pools allow employers to increase their network of talent and enhance their teams without paying increasingly hefty placement fees. The intention of this model is to serve clients who have a few roles they would like regular assistance with but do not want to hire additional support in the form of an employee requiring benefits and overhead or pay massive placement fees.


  • What is a Talent Pool?
    • A group of pre-screened resumes containing quality candidates matching the requirements of an individual job, sent directly to your inbox or into your ATS on a regular basis.
  • What is the frequency of Talent Pools? 
    • Talent Pools are sent on a weekly basis.
  • How are Candidates Screened?
    • Each candidate’s resume is thoroughly evaluated along with their answers to a customized questionnaire, confirming their background aligns with the role before they will be included in a talent pool. Employers are responsible for thoroughly vetting and conducting their own screening on candidates, which may include a criminal and employment background check, before offering employment.
  • How Many Candidates Can I Expect Per Talent Pool?
    • There is no guarantee of the number of candidates that will be provided in each talent pool. We do this because we do not want to hold any candidates back from being submitted each week. The number of candidates received and submitted for each pool depends on various factors such as the role, location, requirements, etc.

Talent Pools

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