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About Us:

BlueTek Partners is a strategic nationwide Technology, career development, and HR/talent solutions consulting firm.  We focus on making connections, delivering value, and driving innovation by transforming HR and talent management environments and creating efficiencies in workflow, process, and automation. 

With a passion for connecting people through opportunity, BlueTek Partners offers a range of consulting services for both employers and jobseekers. We serve as an expert support system to source and manage talent, execute initiatives, and deliver results needed so employers can focus on growing their business and candidates can focus on growing their career. 

BlueTek Partners identifies true business challenges and creates solutions using existing technology and process or by designing and developing custom solutions. We consult with clients on product/solution development, automation, integration, and process improvement initiatives.

Services & Solutions

BlueTek Partners offers a variety of technology driven services and solutions that target key functional areas. We identify true business challenges and create solutions using existing technology and process or by designing and developing custom solutions.

Talent Acquisition

Demonstrated expertise across multiple industries and functional areas, with the ability to source for even the most technical positions. Whether your workforce requires specific certifications or security clearance, our team of experienced recruiters have the extensive networks and experience to find the talent you need.

HR Consulting

Training & Development

Upskill your workforce with custom designed training and course development.

Human Capital Forecasting​

Optimize current resources, predict future growth needs, and implement succession planning.

Job Analysis & Description

Comprehensive evaluation of open requisitions and development of winning job descriptions.

& Process

We offer a variety of technology and process consulting services to help drive efficiency across key functional areas of the business. 

Transform your organization from a reactive hiring environment to a proactive hiring engine. We combine the latest HR technology platforms with custom developed integrations and solutions to optimize resources and productivity. 

Enhance all aspects across HR, including talent acquisition, employee and career development, applicant tracking and workflow, candidate engagement and experience, cross-functional communication, resume building and review, job matching, client relations and presentation, onboarding, contract management, and report generation.

Process Improvement


Training & Development

Data Analytics

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